Single-ply roofing


  • New construction and reroof applications
  • Cost savings
  • Recover existing roof system with no tear-off of existing system
  • Install with minimal disruption to your daily operations
  • Installed by authorized and trained contractors
  • Durable
  • Energy efficient / “Energy Star”, Green Building Council, Cool Roof Council
  • Code compliant – UL, FM, ASTM
  • Long term value
  • Sustainable
  • Backed by manufacturers labor and material warranties 10 – 30 years
  • Tax code Section 179 expansion / real property deduction


  1. Evaluate existing roof system to see if a recover is within manufacturers and code requirements.
  2. Prepare existing roof surface, penetration flashings and parapet walls as per manufacturers specifications.
  3. Install approved recovery board.
  4. Install new roof system and flashing details.
  5. Manufacturers inspection of roof installation.

Examples of Singly-ply roofing

Why replace?

Why choose the ASTEC roofing systems?
Creates a seamless, watertight barrier. Eliminates rust and corrosion. ASTEC even reflects away heat and harmful U/V radiation and surpasses R19 heat gain testing. You will save energy by reducing your cooling costs. ASTEC greatly reduces thermal shock damage while improving your building’s appearance. Eliminates roof replacement expenses and provides you with a 10-year renewable leak proof warranty!